Resetting mistakes

Too often we can't help reading music hastily and without a deep attention, risking playing incorrectly or with an uncomfortable fingering. I will never grow tired to repeat that, after the curiosity and enthusiasm of the first-sight reading, we must take on the score with patience, going through slowly, even the simplest pages, so we can get the right imprinting.

For some people this may be a useless suggestion. After many years of fieldwork I still hear people who think that practicing with separate hands is a waste of  time. Their excuse is that our brain works in a different way when it presides over both hand movements rather than only one hand.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, because the careful observation of gestures, notes and fingering is the  fastest and reliable way to learn a piece. However, if we find mistakes after a hefty time of wrong practicing, we can reset our brain breaking up the piece in cells or even micro-cells [...]

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